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Applied Psychology

Recently Awarded Masters & PhD Students


Adams, Sarah: "Safety risks associated with helping reciprocity: influences of the initial helping source"
Batt, Alexandra: "Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Information in Recruitment Advertisements on Job Seeker Attraction"
Clarke, Emma: "Communication and trust: the effect of organisational commitment and change process perceptions on change attitudes"
Crossen, Luke: "Self-leadership, leadership styles, and employee engagement: testing moderation models"
Davies, Adam: "An experimental evaluation of people's reactions to differing levels of safety hazards in an office environment"
Hansen, Emma: "The effects of mindfulness on work-related stress, wellbeing, recovery quality, and employee resilience"
Holstein, Matt: "Examining change process perceptions and proximal readiness for organisational change: The moderating effect of distal readiness"
Jennings, Julian: "Do Essentialists Benefit from Multicultural Experience?"
Keenam, Alexis: "Employee Wellbeing: Evaluating The Wellbeing Game in Two Settings"
Lea, Johanna: "The effects of exclusion by a robot on self-esteem and prosocial behaviour"
Lucas-D'Souza, Corinne: "Unemployment as a screening device? : the effect of unemployment status on selection decisions among New Zealand recruiters"
Rasmusen, Anthony (Bob): "Tackling the relationship between self-efficacy and performance in rugby"
Shackleton, Rachel: "An examination of different measures of work experience, and the relationship between previous experience and safety"
Sletcher, Jessica: "The backlash of forward thinking: the relationship between gender quota beliefs and attitudes towards women"
Thomas, Anton: "Construct validation of the Hazard Awareness Test (HAT)"
Tonkin, Karen: "Building Employee Resilient through Wellbeing in Organisations"


Anindya, Zhania: “The relationship between policies availability, policies awareness and supervisor support to employee work-life balance and work-family conflict”
Bolton, Katharine: “Role based trust: The effect of collector identification on trust and donating behaviours”
Dediu, Anna: “Tall Poppy Syndrome and its effect on work performance”
Hancock, Nicola: “Symbols of recovery: The impact of earthquake images on vigilance”
Jamieson, Tessa: “Do employee resilience and autonomy buffer the negative effects of work demands?”
Li, Cherry: “Psychological contract fulfilment, employability and work attitudes”
Nguyen, Queyn: “The relationship between leader’s behaviours and employee resilience: The moderating roles of personality
Nichol, Amelia: “Examining employees perceptions of workplace health and well-being promotion initiatives”
Pawsey, Fleur: “Fit employees: Fit organistions: What happens when organisations support employees in their personal
fitness goals?”
Seyb, Stella: “Emotional appeals: The effects of donation button design on donor behaviour”
Woodham, Alexander: “The use of head mounted (HMDs) in high angle climbing"


Bissett, Megan: "The role of values and value congruence for job satisfaction, person organisation fit, work engagement and resilience"
Flood, Georgia: "The impact of emotional stimuli on visuo-spatial vigilance and self-reported state"
Goss, Simon: "The effects of robot-canine facial morphology manipulation on perceptions"
Hodliffe, Morgana: "The Development and Validation of the Employee Resilience Scale (EmpRes): The Conceptualisation of a New Model"
Hsueh, Mark: "Trolling: the effects of social influence on online discrimination"
Kendall, Jessie: "Does physical attractiveness and sex impact decisions in a threat detection task?"
Lu, Sam: "Safety Voicing: The impact of job insecurity and the differences in severity of safety concerns"
Rae, Sonja: "Investigating Burnout among University Students in a Post-Disaster Environment: Was there enough Support?"
Roberts, Abigail: "Workplace attitudes among offshore team members"
Suebwongpat, Im: "The Role of HRM System and Organisational Culture in Employee Engagement and Organisational Performance"

Beckingsale, Alicia: "Economic Diamonds: Maori values and organisational attitudes and behaviours"
Bergler, Hans Ulrich: "Work Related Effects of an Awareness Training Programme: An investigation into training transfer and applicable criterion measures"
Bockett, Amanda: "Investigating the Antecedents of Teacher Burnout and its impacts on Turnover Intentions in a Post disaster Context"
Brawley, Courtenay: "Workplace Demands and occupational stress, interactive processes of decision authority skill discretion and core self evalutions"
Densem, Christopher: "Work Hard, Play Hard: Antecedents and Barriers to Decreased Work Ruminations"
Hill, Anna: "Workplace Safety Orientation : The Construct Validation of a New Measure"
Keivom-Lockhart, Jaiselmer: "The Relationship between Situational Optimism/Pessimism and Donating Intentions"
Ong, Michael: "Gamification and its effect on employee engagement and performance in a perceptual diagnosis task"
Reilly, Hannah: "Employee Strain and Absenteeism as a consequence of the Christchurch Earthquake: A replication and extension of previous research"
Riley, Jordyn: "The Role of Recruitment Expectations and Organisational Trust in Volunteer Organisations"
Rowe, Kate: "The role of psychological capital in the relationship between new career orientations and organisational attitudes"
Sellers, James: "Team workload questionnaire TWLQ Development and assessment of a subjective measure of team workload"
Shaw, Elizabeth: "Use of spot the difference puzzles as a measure of occupational safety orientation"

Banks, Matthew: "Organizational citizenship behaviours in high risk industrics: An investigation into effects on occupational safety"
Bowe, Charlotte: "Exercise for stress management: The role of outcome expectancy"
Burton, Kimberley
: "The Effects of Cultural, Demographic and Occupational Variables on Individuals' Work Values and Preference for Workplace Reward Type and Allocation"
Byers, Emily
: "Evaluation of the Impact that Teacher Targeted Bullying has on Indivudual Safety Perceptions and Stress"
Coom, Michael: "The Effect of Physical Activity on Work Engagement and Resilience Among Corporate Employees"
Cottle, Cassandra: "A Safety Exit Interview: Could there be safety gains?"
de Joux, Neil
: "A Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study of Sustained Attention to Local and Global Target Features"
Dercho, Aliette: "Exploring antecedents of philanthropic behaviours towards nonprofit organisations: The role of perceived organisational reputation, perceived knowledge of the organisation, and referent others’ behavioural intent"
Green, Alexander: "Dual-Task Performance During Traverse Climbing: Human Factors Implications for Emergency-Response Organisations"
MacGibbon, David: "An investigation into the effects of perceptions of person-team fit during online recruitment; and the uses of clickstream data associated with this medium"
McKay, Kali
: "The Effect of Commitment, Communication and Participation on Resistance to Change: The Role of Change Readiness" Pearce, Megan: "Safety Climate, Safety Behaviours and Control: An Application of the Job Demand-Control model to Occupational Safety" Seremetovs, Nikita: "Insight into Termination Process in New Zealand: Productivity and Accuracy under the Threat of Job Loss"
Walls, Frances
: "Dual-response approach to work stress: An investigation of organisational stressors, individual moderators and wellbeing outcomes"
Williams, Skye
: "On-line Donor Behaviour: Proportional Donation Distribution between Administration Expenditure and Service Delivery"

Blackmore, Caroline: "Job insecurity and its antecedents"
Condon, Ryan: "The relationship between self-awareness and leadership: Extending measurement and conceptualisation"
Dwan, Alexander: "The effects of age, sex and education level on air traffic control training outcomes"
Hopkins, Nicole: "Ethical differences in ethical decision making"
Macdonald, Joanne: "Implicit and explicit attitudes towards older workers and their relationship with behaviour"
Ossowski, Ulrike:
"Performance in emotionally stressful tasks: An investigation into potential sex differences"
Sawers, Andrew: "The effects of perceived supervisor support, organisational justice, and change management strategies in the context of organisational restructuring"
Schouten, Linda:
"The impact of caregiver employment experiences and support on adolescents' work ethics"
Stevenson, Hugh: "The effect of task and target characteristics on the vigilance decrement"
Styles, Liana: "An investigation into the effect of providing employees with a pedometer on overall exercise levels, barriers to physical activity, stress, and satisfaction with work and life"
Wallis, Danielle:
"A comparison of safety between new recruits and employers"


Deering, Katherine: "The contributions and effects of age on mentoring relationships within an academic setting"
Fraser, Kimbal: "Employee ownership and preferences for organzational control"
Gibbons, Sophie: "The effects of a non-profit agency website donation button design on aid agency trust and donation compliance"
Hislop, Hannah: "Turnover, trust and safety in teams in high-risk industries"
McLean, Alice:
"An investigation of fatal attractions in careers"
McGuigan, Courtney: "Generation and career concern: Their impact on perceptions and employability and job insecurity in a changing employment context"
McMillan, Brodie: "On our side: A grounded theory of manager support in a prison setting"
O'Connell, Michael:
"Gender, power and mate value: The evolutionary psychology of sexual harassment"
Williams, Samuel:
"The implications of pre-work safety expectations for workplace accident prevention"


Bateman, Gemma: “Employee perceptions of co-worker support and its effect on job satisfaction, work stress and intention to quit”
Bell, Hilary: “Funding the Golden Age: The effect of financial planning choices on retirement satisfaction”
Black, Oliver:
“The impact of work self-efficacy and cultural intelligence in predicting cross-cultural adjustment of expatriates”
Bowler, Sarah: “Public attitudes and transport infrastructure”
Catto, Nicholas: “The use of the Fifteen Factor Questionnaire as a pre-selection tool: Differential item functioning based on gender and ethnicity”
Clifford, Kieran: “Commercial jet boat driver performance and job satisfaction: An exploration into potential predictors”
Hellmann, Mychelle: “Evaluation of the impact of a uniform change in an organization on staff and clients”
Holmes, Samantha: “Planning for interruptions in future task time allocations: Influence of risk buffers on the Segmentation Effect” Howden, Michael: “The role of Protean and Boundary-less career perception on employee participation in learning/development” Marentette, Patrick: “An evaluation of the Kia Marama Treatment Programme”
Stevenson, Renee:
“Predictors of safety communication in work teams”
Wallace, Belinda: “Bullying the boss: Upwards bullying as a response to destructive supervisory leadership”
Whalan, Kate:
“An exploration into the effects of physical activity on health, work stress and job satisfaction”
Zhou, Dan: “Modelling job applicant decision-making”


Ayrton, Nicole: "Clarifying the contribution of self-control and impulsivity personality traits to the prediction of academic performance"
Branch, Sarah: “The effects of organisational work-life balance initiatives on accountants in New Zealand"
Brown, Caroline: "Intentions to turnover: A field study investigating possible antecedents"
Campbell, Kate: "Realistic team preview and person team fit: The impact on applicant acceptance intentions and recruitment attitudes"
Clayton, Anna: “Maxwell's philosophy of wisdom and psychology”
Fourie, Martin: “A risk worth taking? An examination of driver hand position as a risk taking behaviour”
Furneaux, Laura: "Factors influencing the severity and duration of jet lag symptoms: An exploratory analysis"
Ganev, Jennifer:
"Temporal discounting and career related decision making"
Grace, Gary: “An investigation into the structure of workaholism: The design of a new measure, tested against key antecedents and consequences”
Hayes, Peter: "An exploration of the antecedents and consequences of safety citizenship amongst New Zealand forestry workers"
James, Rebecca: “Changing the strength of implicit associations between males and science relative to females and science: A comparison of alternative methods”
Keys, Yvette: "The impact of virtuality on work outcomes and organizational attractiveness"
Lawton, Katie: "Towards further understanding of determinants of employee benefit preferences: Joint effects of personality, work values, and demographics"
Lin, Meng: “Examining an integrated model of time management behaviours among university students”
McIntyre, Sara:
"Applicant evaluations of job advertisements: The effects of including team member photographs on organizational trust, applicant attraction, job pursuit and website access intentions"
Melhuish, Lynne: “Volitional competency: Conceptual development of a scale to measure volition in supervisors and managers”
Muirhead, Kaleena: “Why is the PO Fit-Turnover Intentions Relationship so small? Personality facets as potential moderators”
Nicholson, Eileen:
"Money talks, but why isn't it talked about?”
Nye, David: “The impact of the inclusion of diversity and equal employment opportunity statements in a recruitment advertisement on perception of organizational attractiveness by Asian and Caucasian job seekers”
O'Malley, Jayne: "The long hours culture and social status in New Zealand accountants"
Prebble, Yvette: "An investigation of the effect of relationship strength on concern for other's safety"
Sommerville, Susannah
: “Biographical information and personality as predictors of employees' adjustment to international relocation”
Stephenson, Andrew: "Coping with cross-cultural job transitions: Testing a model of mediated moderation"
Stewart, Heather: “The influence of architectural design on visitors' use of space in an art gallery”
Sutton, Geoff
: “Turnover intentions and its antecedents: A multi-level analysis of workplace attitudes”
Tatom, Scott:
“Evaluating the relative effect of subconscious priming and goal setting on performance in comparison to effect of dispositions on performance”
Wall, Gabrielle: "Status in the staffroom: Intro-occupational indicators of status for New Zealand secondary school teachers"


Bojilova, Alexandrina: "Organisational attitudes and behaviours in post-communist Europe: A comparative study between Serbia, Bulgaria and New Zealand"
Brocklehurst, Jeremy: "The spontaneous categorisation of targets based on the genuine versus posed smile distinction"
Crowhen, Shane: "Identifying organizational stressors, effects and individual differences in professional rugby players: Anexploratory study"
Evers, Patricia: "The impact of diversity and equal employment opportunity statements in recruitment advertisements on job-seekers perceptions of organisational attractiveness"
Fay, Andrew: "A meta-analytic investigation of the lower order facets of extraversion in the prediction of workplace outcomes"
Haig, Rebecca: "Personality predictors of effective leadership: A field study investigating the personality scales of the California Psychological Inventory Performance in an New Zealand agricultural organisation"
Haultain, Steve: "Attitudes towards debt: Secondary school students' perceptions of student debt in New Zealand"
Koncz, Gabrielle:
"Openness to experience and performance: A meta-analytic investigation"
Longley, Andrew: "The development of a lower-order facet personality measure of Openness-to-Experience"
Maxwell, Katrina: "The impact of facial expressions on evaluations of job applicants for differing job types in the screening phase of the occupational process"
McFadden, Gretchen: "Caring about co-workers safety: An investigation of possible antecedents"
Morris, Mina:
"Lower-order facets of extraversion: Neuroticism and agreeableness: Clarifying the ambiguity"
Oolders, Tania:
"Cultural intelligence: A theoretical rationale and an empirical investigation of its role as a mediator between openness to experience and adaptive performance"
Rawson, Rebekah: "Student debt and graduate decision-making"
Vining, Elizabeth:
"The effect of applicant physical attractiveness and applicant ethnicity on evaluations of Asian and Caucasian job applicants in the initial phase of the selection process"
Williams, Alexandra: "An empirical validation of a new latent trait approach to Person-Organisation Fit Measurement"