MSc Applied Psychology - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Master of Science in Applied Psychology

Entry Requirements

Selection Process

Entry is limited to 15 students in any one year. Selection is based on student's academic records (grade-point-average of stage three level psychology courses) and, occasionally, on other supporting documents.


Application is open to graduates who have completed Bachelor's degrees in psychology and who have a grade average of B or better for their stage three courses. Specifically, the prerequisites are:

(1) PSYC105 and PSYC106; and
(2) PSYC206, and three courses from PSYC207-213; and
(3) At least 75 points of 300-level PSYC.
PSYC344 is required for postgraduate study in Applied Psychology. PSYC336 would be an advantage.


Applications close on 30 November in the year prior to commencement. Applications should include:

  • completed Application Form (pdf - 123Kb)
  • cover letter
  • curriculum vitae
  • University transcript*
    Applicants who have attended university at anywhere other than University of Canterbury, please attach certified transcripts of your previous academic record. Additionally, if you are studying elsewhere during the year in which the application is made, please enclose a letter consenting to your course marks being released to the University of Canterbury.

Applications should be sent to:

Professional Programmes Administrator
Applied Psychology Programme
Department of Psychology
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand

Successful applicants will be notified in December. One or two applicants may also be placed on a reserve list, and will be notified of this and also notified if a place on the programme becomes available. 

University Enrolments

For information on how to enrol, please see the Enrol at UC.
International students should apply for entry to the University of Canterbury through the Admissions and Enrolment Office.
For further general information on Postgraduate study, please consult For Postgraduate Students