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Careers in Psychology

Where it will take me

Psychology graduates have a unique mix of skills sought after in many occupations. They have:

  • a basic knowledge about people
  • developed competency:
    1. with computers
    2. data analysis
    3. writing and communication skills
  • a critical and objective way of approaching problems

Careers where our graduates are placed:

  • research positions
  • policy analysts in government departments and other large organisations
  • positions of responsibility in a variety of domains including:
    1. banks
    2. retailing
    3. manufacturing
    4. primary production
  • working with people in "helping" agencies such as:
    1. employment services
    2. social welfare
    3. in various forms of counselling.
  • careers in public relations, teaching and training.
  • researchers or academics in tertiary education institutions.


Applied Careers

The Department offers postgraduate applied psychology training in Clinical and Industrial and Organisational (Applied) Psychology. These courses can lead to Registration as a Psychologist by the Psychologists's Board, under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act, 2003.

Clinical Psychologists work with individuals and their families dealing with major psychological problems including:

  • substance abuse
  • gambling
  • psychiatric and family difficulties
  • eating disorders
  • anxiety
  • neurological disorders
  • sexual disorders
  • general difficulties in coping
  • forensic field in the rehabilitation of persons convicted of criminal offences

Clinical Psychologists are employed by:

  • various health agencies
  • counselling services
  • the Department of Corrections
  • a number are in private practice

Industrial and Organisational/Applied Psychology graduates are generally employed in:

  • consulting firms and government departments
  • or in human resource management
  • industrial relations
  • training positions in large organisations, including the armed forces