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Clinical Psychology Programme

Course Structure

Year 1 consists of:

Year 2 consists of:

If students are not already doing a PhD, we encourage all candidates in Year 2 to seriously consider upgrading their Masters degree to a PhD. Should a candidate choose to upgrade their Masters, they can concurrently enrol in the internship year while doing their PhD part-time and extend Year 3 into two years of training. Year 3, or Years 3 and 4 consist of:

In addition, other special workshops, seminars and classes will occur throughout the training, including during university holidays, and it is expected that all students will take full advantage of the opportunities offered.

Certificate in Criminal Justice Psychology

Students who have:

  1. been credited with PSYC651, PSYC653, PSYC654, PSYC661, PSYC662, PSYC670/671/672 AND PSYC428 Forensic Psychology, and
  2. completed requirements for an MA, MSc or PhD in Psychology with a thesis on a topic approved by the Head of Department as relevant to criminal justice, and
  3. completed 300 hours of work in a criminal justice setting

are eligible to receive a Certificate in Criminal Justice Psychology.

Students who have completed all requirements, and wish to receive a certificate should contact the Director(s) of Clinical Training.