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Clinical Psychology Programme

Entry Requirements

Due to the intensity and demands of course, entry requirements are a minimum of an Honours Bachelor’s degree in psychology (BA (Hons)/BSc (Hons)) or Part I of a Master’s degree in psychology (MA/MSc) from a New Zealand university, or an equivalent qualification acceptable to the University and approved by the Head of Department.

At a minimum, applicants need to take PSYC335 Abnormal Psychology (or equivalent) and an honours (400/600) level research methods course prior to applying. Any course combination at honours level is acceptable as long as one of the courses is a research methods course.

It is strongly recommended that students wishing to undertake a placement or internship in the Psychological Service of the Department of Corrections, or those seeking employment within this area upon graduation, take PSYC428 Forensic Psychology. See also Certificate in Criminal Justice Psychology.

Students completing PSYC470 Research Project as part of their fourth year degree have the option of enrolling in a PhD straight from their honours year. This project is an automatic part of a BSc (Hons). Students with a BA (Hons) wishing to pursue a PhD and who did not complete PSYC470 would need to first enrol in/for a Master’s degree and then upgrade to a PhD.

Completion of a Maori language course prior to entry is also strongly recommended.

Candidates wishing to qualify as clinical psychologists are required to complete a minimum of a three-year course. However, we strongly encourage students to complete a PhD which takes a minimum of four years when done in conjunction with clinical courses.


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