About - The Department

The Department


  • 23 academic and 9 adjunct staff offering a diverse range of research and teaching options
  • 15 technical, computer support, clinical educators and administrative staff
  • a large number of postgraduate students

The Department is part of the College of Science and is managed by the Head of Department, the Administrative Services Manager, and a number of elected committees. Important matters and policy issues are decided at regular departmental meetings. Student input is valued and student representatives attend these meetings. There is also a Staff Student Liaison Committee. The Department has active and varied research programmes and continues to attract substantial research grants.


  • modern computer laboratories
  • an extensive range of new video recording and editing equipment
  • a range of new items for animal behaviour and neuroscience research and teaching


A major strength of Psychology at Canterbury is the balanced and comprehensive set of highly regarded courses available. We offer an excellent balanced and comprehensive set of highly regarded courses. We also offer excellent opportunities to undertake PhD work in Experimental Psychology and we have nationally and internationally recognised graduate applied programmes in Clinical Psychology and in Industrial and Organisational Psychology.

We aim to encourage students to:

  • think independently and critically about psychological issues
  • become acquainted with the substantive findings, concepts and methodology of the discipline
  • learn how to distinguish genuine findings from implausible and suspect claims
  • to understand modern scientific research in psychology.

Postgraduate students in particular develop the range of skills necessary to undertake research in psychological science. Such skills are required of practising psychologists, but they are also extremely valuable for a wide range of other occupations.