Academic Vacancies

There are no Academic Vacancies at this time.

Enquiries of an academic nature may be made to Associate Professor Janet Carter at

General Staff Vacancies

There are no vacancies at this time.

Research Positions in the Department

There are no vacancies at this time

Postdoctoral Fellowship

There are no vacancies at this time

Teaching Assistantships

  • First semester and full year Teaching Assistant positions have now been filled. Semester 2 positions will be advertised in May.

General Information for Applicants

The Department of Psychology is a large, forward-looking department that is dedicated to excellence in research and teaching.  It has a strong commitment to advancing Psychology as a science, and in its applied areas, to the scientists-practitioner model of graduate training. 

To maintain its strong reputation for excellence, the Department makes considerable efforts to support new staff in the development of their research programmes, and to provide the resource infrastructure necessary for effective research activity by its students and academic members.

The graduate student body in the Department is the largest in the university.  New developments in graduate learning opportunities in the Department at the present time include Health Psychology and Criminal Justice/Forensic Psychology, and will complement our existing postgraduate programmes in Experimental Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Industrial/Organisational Psychology. 

A large proportion of graduate students in the Department are women, and an ability to provide appropriate academic support for this group is important in all positions.

The University of Canterbury offers generous provisions for leave and for attendance at international conferences, and is located in the major city of New Zealand's South Island. 

The city has excellent cultural, sporting and social opportunities, and its favourable climate and geographical position offer excellent outdoor recreation in the Pacific Ocean and the plains, mountains and river of the Canterbury Region.