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Vacancies - 2017 Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants – 1st Semester and Full Year 2017

Expressions of interest are invited for the roles of Teaching Assistant positions for Psychology courses in the 2017 academic year. The Teaching Assistant Guide gives an indication of the number of hours likely to be involved and this is subject to change. Full details will be provided to successful applicants prior to finalising the contract paperwork.

In selecting Teaching Assistants, the following factors will be taken into account:

  • Academic expertise, which should include a high standard of written English
  • Preference will be given to Postgraduate students
  • The appointment is usually dependent on the applicant being enrolled, or of showing clear intention to enrol in a recognised course of study in the Department of Psychology for 2017.
  • Relevant experience (this may be an advantage, but applicants with no previous experience are encouraged to apply).
  • The results of the Tutorial Evaluation Questionnaire(s) in conjunction with the course convenor's comments on these results (where available)
  • Administrative efficiency
  • Ability to get on with a variety of people

Closing date (extended to): Monday 5.00pm, 23 January 2017

To apply for these positions please go to these links, there shoul be a space in the application where you can indicate the course(s) of your preference, if you are unable to locate anywhere to put that in comments, please email Robyn Daly to clarify.

TA Guide [pdf 47kb] [NB these are a guide only and may be subject to change on appointment]

For further information on how to apply online see: How to apply for UC Temporary Vacancy – A step by step Guide (PDF)

All enquiries or questions should be directed to Robyn Daly, Administrative Services Manager