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Degrees and Diplomas

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements listed below (or comparable qualifications from other universities) apply to all postgraduate degree and postgraduate diploma courses in the Department of Psychology. Students can study for an Master of Science, Master of Arts, or a PhD in Psychology, or a Master of Science in Applied Psychology (APSY). Also offered are Postgraduate Diploma in Science or Arts, and Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology.

Those who hold a university degree but without a major in Psychology, may proceed to postgraduate study upon completion of a Graduate Diploma in Science or by completing the necessary prerequisite courses which meet the entry requirements described below.

Entry requirements for all Postgraduate Study in Psychology and Applied Psychology are:

165 points from PSYC courses with at least 135 points at 200-level and above, including:

  1. PSYC105 and PSYC106
  2. PSYC206 and at least three from PSYC207 - 213, and
  3. 75 points at 300-level PSYC courses.
  • PSYC344 is required for postgraduate study in Psychology and Applied Psychology.
  • An average of at least a B grade over three PSYC 300-level courses (B+ grade for a BSc(Hons)).
  • Equivalent courses from other universities are accepted.

There are additional requirements for the Clinical Psychology programme.
Students whose prepatory courses in Psychology were taken prior to 2005 should consult the HoD or a College Academic Advisor before enrolling in further PSYC courses.



To begin the enrolment process, please check you meet the entry requirements. Please be aware that all enrolments for Honours, Masters (including thesis only), PhD degrees and Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology, must be approved each year by Coordinators prior to confirmation of enrolment.

Students can enrol in Postgraduate studies at any time up to the commencement of the academic year in February. Contact list for postgraduate study.

  • ALL new postgraduate students EXCEPT PhD, Masters Thesis Students, MSc Applied Psychology, should discuss the options available with the 4th Year Postgrad Coordinator (Honours and 1st Year Masters), Professor Simon Kemp; please email to make an appointment.
  • Students enrolled for PhD and Masters theses should see, the Postgraduate Thesis/Doctoral Coordinator, Associate Professor Roeline Kuijer.
  • MSc in Applied Psychology should see the Director of the APSY programme, Associate Professor Chris Burt.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology students who have been accepted into the programme should seek further information from the Director of the Clinical Programme.

Department Contacts for Postgraduate Study Advice

Postgraduate Thesis Coordinator (2nd year Masters and PhD)

Associate Professor Roeline Kuijer
Phone: +64 3 369 4362
Internal Phone: 94362

Postgraduate Papers Coordinator (Honours and 1st Year Masters)

Professor Simon Kemp
Email for an appointment -
Room: 208a
Phone: +64 3 369 4394
Internal Phone: 94394

Director of Applied Psychology Programme

Associate Professor Chris Burt
Phone: +64 3 369 4431
Internal Phone: 94431

Director of Clinical Psychology Programme

Professor Martin Dorahy
Phone: +64 3 369 4337
Internal Phone: 94337

Further information on Degrees and Diplomas can be obtained from the Department Handbook.

Doctoral Study in Psychology and General Experimental Programme

For more information, please contact the Coordinator of the Experimental PhD programme - Associate Professor Roeline Kuijer

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