Health and Safety - Psychology - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Health and Safety: Information and Procedures

Emergency Telephone Numbers (Fire, Ambulance, Policy):

  • Call NZ Emergency Services - 1 (for outside line) and 111, then UC Security extension 6111
  • All other emergencies call UC Security extension 6111 or 0800 823637

Doctor: University's Student Health Centre, extension 6402

FM (Works and Services): extension 6400

UC Emergency Response Plan (pdf, 2.76MB)

Health and Safety Action Plans

Psychology Contacts

Health & Safety Committee Chair: Katharina Naswall, extension 94332

Department Safety officer: Silvana de Freitas Costa, extension 94357

Health & Safety Representative: Chris Burt, extension 94431

Building Wardens: Gerard Mesman, extension 94339 and/or - Silvana de Freitas Costa, extension 94357

Workshop Safety and Electrical Tagging and Testing: Ben McGinlay, extension 94369

Biological Compliance Officer (Research Facility): Neroli Harris, extension 94356

The Psychology Centre Clinical Representative: Liz Waugh, extension 94288

The Psychology Centre Warden: Janet Cumberpatch, extension 94292

Induction - Psychology

HS Induction Psychology doc May 2017 (PDF 1.13MB)

HS Induction Psychology centre doc May 2017 (PDF 951KB)

HS Induction for Short Term contractors May 2017 (PDF 453KB)

Health-And-Safety-Policy (pdf, 187KB)

Induction Quiz for staff, visitors and postgraduate students (medium to long term) - a requirement of the College of Science Health & Safety Committee.

If you have difficulty with this link, please refer to the following instructions:

  1. Login to LEARN - enter your University username and password.
  2. You will be directed to a log-in page where you will be asked to enter the key code - PSYC
  3. If the box is already populated, delete and enter PSYC (make sure it is in capitals).
  4. This will log you into the web page under the Psychology group.
  5. Read through the documents until you reach the Knowledge Quiz.

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