Dr Joana R.C. Kuntz - People - Psychology - University of Canterbury - New Zealand
Joana Pimentel

Dr Joana R. C. Kuntz


Senior Lecturer


MSc Social and Organisational Psychology (ISPA, Portugal)
PhD Industrial and Organisational Psychology (University of Tennessee, USA)

Contact Details

Room: 201
Phone: +64 3 369 4397 (direct)
Internal Phone: 94397

Email: joana.kuntz@canterbury.ac.nz

Postal address:
Department of Psychology
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
New Zealand

Graduate Courses

PSYC336: Industrial and Organisational Psychology - Course Coordinator

APSY614: Leadership and Motivation in Organisations - Course Coordinator

APSY618: Organisational Change: Directions for I/O Psychology - Course Coordinator


Joana conducts applied research in public and private sector organisations. She collaborates with a number of multinational and New Zealand-based organisations to facilitate the development of initiatives aimed at developing the business (e.g., enhancing performance and engagement), and building resilience capability.

Research Interests

Primary research areas include employee resilience, organisational change, leadership, and strategic human resources management.

Thesis Supervision

Research I have supervised:


  • Mary Abbott: Authenticity at Work from a Person-Environment Fit Perspective (2016)
  • Philippa Connell: Making the most of resources: The moderating effect of individual differences in regulatory focus on resilience development (2016)
  • Simon Tither: Employee Value Proposition Fit, Employee Motivation and Organisational Outcomes (2016)
  • Emma Clarke: Communication and trust: the effect of organisational commitment and change process perceptions on change attitudes (2015)
  • Luke Crossen: Self-leadership, leadership styles, and employee engagement: testing moderation models (2015)
  • Matt Holstein: Examining Change Process Perceptions and Proximal Readiness for Organisational Change: The Moderating Effect of Distal Readiness (2015)
  • Quyen Nguyen: The relationship between leader's behaviours and employee resilience: the moderating roles of personality traits (2014)
  • Dani Rubio Rius: Employee learning in a transient alliance: Exploring learning enablers, facilitators, and obstacles (2014)
  • Abigail Roberts: Workplace attitudes among offshore team members (2013)
  • Sonja Rae: Investigating Burnout among University Students in a Post-Disaster Environment: Was there enough Support? (2013)
  • Im Suebwongpat: The Role of HRM System and Organisational Culture in Employee Engagement and Organisational Performance (2013)
  • Amanda Bockett: Investigating the Antecedents of Teacher Burnout and its Impact on Turnover Intentions in a Post-disaster Context (2012)
  • Alicia Beckingsale: Economic diamonds: Maori values and organizational attitudes and behaviours (2012)
  • Ulrich Bergler: Work Related Effects of an Awareness Training Programme: An investigation into training transfer and applicable criterion measures (2012)
  • Kimberley Burton: The effects of subculture and work values on employee preference for rewards (2011)
  • Michael Coom: Examining the Effect of Exercise Programs on Corporate Work Engagement (2011)
  • Aliette Dercho: The Impact of Non-Profit Organizations' Reputation on Intention to Volunteer & Donate (2011)
  • Kali McKay: The effect of commitment, communication and involvement on resistance to change: the role of change readiness (2011)
  • Frances Walls: Positive and Negative Stress Responses: An investigation of organisational stressors, individual moderators and wellbeing outcomes (2011)
  • Caroline Blackmore: Job insecurity and its antecedents. (2010)
  • Nicole Hopkins: Ethical training: Is there something else to it? (2010)
  • Jonathon Pettigrew: Leadership and situational influences on followership styles. (in progress)
  • Andrew Sawers: The effects of perceived supervisor support, organisational justice, and change management strategies in the context of organisational restructuring. (2010)

Research Project (PSYC470)

  • Stacey Rout: (2015)
  • Chandele Butler: Investigating the sources of attitudes regarding the acceptability of cheating on tests and of plagiarism among university students (2013)


  • Alex Gosteva:
  • Geoff Sutton: The Relevance of The Dark Triad in Organisations: How Do Dark Personalities Present at Work? (in progress)
  • Henrieta Skurak:
  • Adekunle Tosin Olateju: Investigating the Impact of High-Performance Work Practices on Project Success (in progress)
  • Lethan Stemmet: Avoidance Coping: Scale Development and Validation (2013)

Publications and UC Research Profile