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Paul Russell

Mr Paul Russell


Senior Lecturer

100-Level (Undergraduate) Coordinator


M.A. (Hons) University of Canterbury



Contact Details

Phone: +64 3 364 2170 (direct)
Internal Phone: 6170


Postal address:
Department of Psychology
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
New Zealand

Undergraduate Courses

PSYC 105: Introductory Psychology: Brain, Behaviour and Cognition (1st semester) - Course Coordinator

PSYC 344: Research Methods

Graduate Courses

PSYC 470: Research Project - Course Coordinator, 2nd semester 2015: Zhe Chen in the first semester;

PSYC 475: Directed Research in Psychology - Course Coordinator, 2nd semester 2015; Zhe Chen coordinator 1st semester 2015..

Thesis Supervision

  • human cognition and human performance
  • attention capture
  • sustained attention and vigilance

I am happy to supervise or co-supervise theses or projects in the general domains of human cognition and human performance. I have a particular interest in attention capture; how events that are not currently controlling behaviour can usurp control even when that may be counterproductive, and the converse where seemingly conspicuous events appear to be completely ignored even when it may be costly to ignore them. Related are vigilance situations where people are required to monitor their environment for critical target events over prolonged periods. It is well established that probability of detection of critical events declines the longer one performs the task (vigilance decrement). We are currently exploring factors that enhance or ameliorate this decrement, and seek to apply insights from research on attention capture and executive control to the domain of sustained attention and vigilance decrement.

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