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Research Disciplines

Research in the Psychology Department at the University of Canterbury is divided into two broad disciplines:

  1. Experimental Psychology
    This involves close collaboration between academic staff members and postgraduate students who are working towards completing a Masters or PhD degree.

    It includes many subdisciplines of psychology:
    • behaviour analysis
    • behavioural neuroscience
    • cognitive
    • comparative
    • developmental
    • economic
    • health
    • industrial & organizational
    • perception
    • psychopharmacology
    • learning and memory
    • motivation
    • neuropsychology
    • social
    • personality
    • theoretical
  2. Applied Psychology
    This covers two subdisciplines:
    • Clinical
      Research is a major part of training students to become clinical practitioners. The Psychology Centre (situated off Dovedale Ave entrance) is the clinical psychology training and research clinic for the students who undertake the three year clinical programme.
    • Industrial and Organisational
      The Master of Science in Applied Psychology (also known as APSY, Industrial & Organisational or IO) is one of the oldest and most recognised applied psychology degrees in New Zealand. Students seeking qualifications in Industrial & Organisational Psychology complete a two year MSc in Applied Psychology. Part 1 comprises four whole courses and Part II requires completion of one whole course and a dissertation. Each year, we admit up to 15 students.

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