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Earthquake/Disaster Related Research


As a result of the large number of earthquakes in Christchurch and the Canterbury area since September 2010, and Japan's March 2011 massive earthquake, staff and students from the Psychology Department have undertaken numerous earthquake/disaster related studies such as:

  • the psychological effects of experiencing earthquakes such as cognitive impairment, stress, sleeplessness and many other behavioural effects
  • implications of disasters for human performances
  • promoting recovery and building resilience for individuals and communites

Psychology staff involved in this research

Projects - UC SPARK links


Investigating antedecedents and consequences of employee burnout in community service organisations post disaster relief

The impact of probiotics and micronutrients on stress and physical health


Psychological well-being in Christchurch following the September and February earthquakes

The impact of micronutrients on stress responses in the general population

Psychological Responses After a Major, Fatal Earthquake: The Effect of Peritraumatic Dissociation and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms on Anxiety and Depression

Dutch immigrants in Christchurch and the aftermath of the earthquakes

Health and Well-being study: psychosocial impact of the earthquakes and aftermath

The impact of the Canterbury earthquakes on intimate relationships

The effectiveness of the law relating to landlords and tenants in the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes

Human Error and Psychology in Engineering


Factors affecting residential and business relocation decisions following the Canterbury earthquakes

How do earthquakes affect academic performance?


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